We are really trying to take a different, more eco-conscious approach to our floristry business at Howe Hill.

We GROW as many of our own flowers and foliage as possible, avoiding adding airmiles to our flowers. We also grow to organic principles. We do not use chemical fungicides, herbicides or pesticides on our plants. If we need to import flowers, we buy only European grown blooms. We do not buy in flowers from areas of conflict, or where the flower industry has a negative environmental or human impact. We can tell you the exact origin of every stem we use.

Rather than using rolls of single use, plastic cellophane and sellotape to wrap and tie your flowers, we use FSC approved paper and biodegradable garden twine. We sparingly use a biodegradable metal staple to fasten papers securely.

We avoid floral foam like the plague. It is a single use plastic and is non biodegradable. An Australian study published in 2019 found it to have devastating effects on marine life.

We prefer to send our arrangements in either a glass or ceramic vessel which can be reused or recycled.


We use Irish designed bouquet boxes made from Kraft cardboard for our gift bouquets.  Our business, gift and swing cards are all printed on 100% recycled paper. We invoice by email or printed on recycled paper only.


We make our own garden compost using leaves, seaweed, kitchen waste, cardboard and used animal bedding. We brew our own fertilizer from gathered nettles, comfrey and seaweed. We use cardboard and chipped wood as a weed suppressant on our garden paths and perennial beds. We do use a woven plastic membrane on our annual flowering beds, this is carefully stored at the end of each season and reused the following one - we are currently on our 3rd and 4th seasons use of our mypex.

We deliver our flowers in an economical,  low emissions vehicle. We try to group deliveries to lessen our impact further. When sending an order nationally we prefer to use An Post - our countries postal service, which delivers to almost every household in the country on a daily basis, often using low emissions and electric vehicles.




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