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transplanting agrostemma seedlings to larger cell trays at Howe Hill Flowers


At Howe Hill Flowers we try to grow as many of our own flowers each season as possible. Having our own grown flowers allows us to have flowers that are nearly impossible to have otherwise, and, allows us to have flowers grown to organic principles.

In September I began sowing our hardy annuals and perennials to overwinter. These autumn sown seeds will flower for us next year, some as early as April.

California Poppies grown from autumn sowing

From February onwards I will begin sowing these seeds again, in succession, and this will supply us with a continuous stream of flowers throughout the season.

I love Lisa Mason Zieglers book "Cool Flowers: How to grow and enjoy long-blooming hardy annuals", it explains this method so well. If you are interested in growing flowers and having a nice early flowering crop you should add this book to your reference library.

I can't wait to see my autumn sown seeds become this next year!

Howe Hill Cutting Garden

Flicky xx

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