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How Much Should I Spend On My Wedding Flowers?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

White Playa Blanca Bridesmaids Wedding Bouquets - image by Lima Conlon Photography

Possibly one of the most searched questions on Google and wedding blogs is "How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?" or "How Much Should I Spend On My Wedding Flowers?"

It's unfortunately a question which has no set or definitive answer, because the actual cost can vary hugely depending on what you'd like. the time of year, and so many other variables!

Couple at Rathbarry Church door with Gypsopehlia Babies Breath Arch - image by Emma Kenny Photography

We usually advise the following as a guide ~ allocate 10% to 20% of your overall wedding budget to your flowers. If flowers are an important feature of your wedding or if you like the style of flowers we create (check out our Portfolio to get an idea!) somewhere around 15% to 20% of your overall budget might be a realistic mark.

Filled bud vases and taper candles along the top table at Dunmore House Hotel - image by Emma Jervis Photography

We find that many couples roughly spend these amounts on various areas of the flowers and decor ~

  • Bridal Party €500 to €1200+

  • Church Flowers €300 to €2500+

  • Outdoor Ceremony Flowers €200 to €2500+

  • Banquet Room €200 to €4000+

  • Marquee's €1000+++++

  • Service & Delivery 20% to 30% of the total flowers bill

Romantic locally grown bridesmaids bouquets with peonies and sweet pea - image by Kate Bean Photography

You can see a post on One Fab Day here which we contributed to in 2022 along with several other designer wedding florists which discusses costs also.

A lot of wedding blogs give an average cost for wedding flowers, which is neither realistic or helpful in reality. An average might look like this;

"The average wedding flowers cost in 2023 was €1974."

The unseen breakdown of that average however might look more like this:

100 couples were asked what they spent on their wedding flowers.

  • 8 spent €500

  • 17 spent €1200

  • 33 spent €2000

  • 37 spent €4000

  • 5 spent more than €5000+.

Asking a professional in the industry is always the wisest budgeting tool.

White wildflower aisle meadow arrangements by Howe Hill Flowers alongside rows of bentwood chairs - Image by Studio Lordan

Your wedding flowers are probably the biggest amount of flowers you will ever order in your life! To get an idea of the quantity of flowers we might have to have to create the flowers of your dreams pop into a busy flower shop on a morning they receive their main flower delivery (usually a Wednesday morning). What you see on display equates to the amount of flowers potentially required to create a wedding!

What is also required is a well trained and experienced team to put those beautiful flowers together, and possibly deliver, install, and repurpose them on the wedding day itself. The weddings we have created have required a team of between 1 to 7 professional florists (aka Floral Designers and Floral Design Technicians), anything from half a day to 5 days to create, install and take-down. In the words of one of our couples "what a production!".

Garden style urn arrangem ent on an escort card table, romantic roses and peonies - Image by Studio Lordan

We have lots of tools on our website to help you estimate a budget for your flowers. Just get in touch with us to access our handy "Purse Calculator" and our brochure with price guides.

The best way to get an idea of costs is to simply ask. We love to hear from you and are more than happy to share information.

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide is of help.

Flicky x

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