We absolutely adore a flowering amaryllis, and so we have sourced some of the highest quality bulbs just for you. Plant it in a rustic style pot and watch it transform beautifully in your home. This bulb would be the perfect gift to someone who loves to grow their own unusual plants. Bulb size/quality - 32/34 Colours available - arctic white or red velvet Available for collection at the farm gate, local delivery and national delivery.

Amaryllis Bulb

  • These amaryllis bulbs are available to collect at the farm gate, or for local and national delivery. If you would like your bulb delivered please add DELIVERY from the product option menu in the main webshop.

  • We usually plant our amaryllis in pots and tend to them indoors, they are too beautiful not abandon outside!

    3/4 fill a beautiful pot, which has drainage holes, with damp (not soaking) potting compost, pop in your bulb and fill in the sides of the pots with more compost so that the bulb is only 2/3 buried in the compost - the top of the bulb should be exposed.

    Keep in a warm (approx 22'C) light filled area, and watch leaves and buds emerge. Keep the compost slightly moist, but not soaking. Eventually you will have a long, thick stemmed plant surrounded with blade like leaves, and which will open into the most spectacular, velveteen flowers.