Bring Christmas to your dinner table, mantelpiece, sideboard or shelf with our beautifully designed, rustic arrangement. Filled with seasonal winter foliages, all Irish grown, this arrangemnt also features natural decorative berries, cones, seed pods, apples, moss, twigs & lichen. It includes three mercury glass votives in which to place some tea light candles.


Our arrangement is made with 100% natural and biodegradable materials as opposed to conventional floral foam/oais which is chemical and plastic based, and which is neither recyclable nor biodegradable. The glass votives can be reused or recycled.


Approx length 75cm


Each piece is handmade to order. As each piece is made with natural materials they will be unique and individual although based on the same design.


Christmas Arrangement With Votives

  • This arrangement will be available to collect from the farm gate, or for local delivery on specific dates.

    To add local delivery please add the DELIVERY product from the webshop.

    Unfortunately we cannot offer nationwide delivery on this arrangement.


    Collect from the gate -

    • Sunday 20th December
    • Monday 21st December

    Local Delivery -

    • Tuesday 22nd December
    • Wednesday 23rd December
  • This arrangement is built into a natural moss base, contained in a biodegrable film.

    To prolong it's life, use a misting gun filled with fresh cold water, and spray each day.

    Approx shelf life - 1 week to 10 days