We are now fully booked for door wreaths. 
Possibly the only completely biodegradable wreath in Ireland; made on a locally grown and hand formed willow and moss frame, bound with natural jute twine - no wire, no plastic, no artificial decorations, and definitely no glitter.
We use foliage locally grown by Castletreasure Christmas Tree Farm in Cork, and our decorations are delicious red apples, natural cinnamon sticks, dried seed pods and conifer cones. You can additionally choose to add ilex berries and/or cotton.
There are a choice of bows. Keep it eco with a woven jute bow (biodegradable) or add some luxury with our decadent velvets. Velvets are polyester based so must be removed before disposing your wreath in your brown bin or on your compost heap.
That's right; brown bin or compost heap. There is no need to dismantle this wreath when disposing of it (apart from a velvet bow), when it's done you can dispose of the entire piece in your compost heap or brown bin.
All wreaths are hand made to order. These wreaths are a completely natural product which will naturally age (dry) and decompose. To keep the wreaths "alive" for as long as possible you can keep the mossed base damp either through soaking it every few days in a basin of water, or misting it daily with water.

Christmas Door Wreath

  • The Christmas Door Wreath is available for collection at the farm gate, for local delivery, and also for national delivery.

    Please select from the delivery options if delivery is required.

    Collection is available on a SUNDAY 20th December only. All other dates are sold out.

    Local Delivery is available on a SATURDAY 19th December only. All other dates are sold out.

    National Delivery is sold out.

  • Our wreath is a natural product which will age and eventually decompose. It is built on a mossed willow frame, and the moss has the benefit of holding moisture to the foliage ends.

    Just as you would water and plant or flower arrangement, the wreaths foliage will last best if it is watered too! Simply soak the back of the wreath in a basin of water a few times each week , allow it to drain off, and place back on display.