Pretty, versitile, cornflowers in mixed colours - pinks, blues, white, burgundy.

Cornflowers have a subtly sweet to spicy clove like flavour, petals can be pulled from the flower body to use as a delicate, feathery garnish. Can also be used as a natural food dye.

25 flowers per box.

Cornflowers Mix

SKU: EF1072018
  • Our culinary flowers are supplied in an enclosed recycleable/compostable container, resting on a dampened bed of kitchen paper. We recommend that the flowers are stored in this, on a similar sealed container, within the fridge until needed.


    We grow our edible flowers chemical-free. While each is inspected and brushed at packaging stage we cannot guarantee that some "little friends" may not still remain. We recommend that flowers are carefully reinspected and if necessary brushed or carefully rinsed before use.


    Please remove pistils and stamens - these parts do not taste nice! Really only the petals should be used, and used quite sparingly - a little goes a long way.

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