Enjoy a bunch of freshly cut, chemical free and locally grown flowers each week from late May to mid September, brimming with beautiful and unusual blooms, always a little different and most certainly, always very special.


Our subscription bouquets are available in blocks of six weeks, and can be collected each week on Tuesdays or Sundays from the farm gate (local delivery of 3km from the farm is available also on Thursday mornings only).


Each bouquet will contain a minimum of 12 stems (10 of which will be flowers) often you will find the bouquet contains in excess, as we do abundance! Bouquets are wrapped in recyclable paper for the flowers protection and sit in water until collection/delivery. 


Our 2019 cut flower inventory includes so many super beautiful flowers, the majority of which you will never find to buy in a florist or supermarket. Take a peek at our Instagram account @howehillflowerfarm to see what we produced in 2018 and to be excited by what we have in store for you!

Bouquet Subscription May 26th to July 7th

  • For optimum longivity and enjoyment please care for your cut flowers! Here is our recommendation -

    1. Select a super clean vessel and fill with fresh, cool water.

    2. Add to the water a dash of 7UP or sprite, and half teaspoon of milton bleach or similar.

    3. Unwrap your flowers and cut the ends, approx 1.5 to 2cm from the bottom at a slant.

    4. Arrange the flowers in the vase of water, and place in a cool position away from direct light and heat sources.

    5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 every few days.

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