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At Howe Hill we celebrate love by creating personal and breathtaking wedding floral's which are respectful to the season, environment, to the flowers themselves, all while being reflective of you as a couple.

Our flowers are grown to organic principles and with great care and dedication by us in our family flower gardens near Kilbrittain, Co.Cork. We select varieties which reminisce of romantic cottage gardens, wildflower meadows and meandering woodland pathways. Howe Hill wedding flowers compliment the environment, encourage biodiversity and celebrate seasonality.


Our love affair with flowers has led us to firmly believe that they are an expression - they say EVERYTHING without ever uttering a word. At every point of their existence; from tiny seed right through to fading bloom, they are fascinating and beautiful. Homegrown flowers are even more magical; they hold a sparkling vibrancy and charm which we believe is without equal. Creating bouquets and arrangements with them for weddings is an unparalleled joy, the results are always completely unique and special - almost impossible to replicate or duplicate. A very special commission bestowed on us by you, to feature in your big day, with which to say everything without ever uttering a word.

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We have a team of highly skilled and creative floral artists with years of experience in wedding and event floristry, and whom are extremely passionate about flowers, nature and the environment. We employ sustainable and eco-friendly designing, we avoid floral foam/oasis and single use plastics, and reuse vessels and containers as much as possible.

We undertake only a handful of weddings per year, ensuring our ability to create meaningful, bespoke flower arrangements which are unique and individual. Our wedding style could be described as bohemian, eclectic and nostalgic. We love colour, foliage is our best friend, and flowers with crazily contorting stems beat the straight and contrived types every time. Do we sound like we match you?

We would love to meet you, show you the gardens, and discuss the possibilities.

*Please note, we are now fully booked for June and August 2020 dates. Thank you.

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