Wedding Flowers FAQ's

What type of weddings do you cater for?

We specialise in small to medium sized weddings, for couples who absolutely love flowers.

Where can I see examples of your work and read testimonials?

On our social media sites, @howehillflowers on Instagram and Facebook

Where do you source your flowers/foliage?

We grow the majority of our flowers and foliage’s in our West Cork cutting gardens between late March and late September. We buy other Irish flowers and foliage through local growers within our Flower Farmers of Ireland network. During the off-season, and occasionally if an item we require is unavailable locally grown, we buy through Hoek Flowers in Holland and through Central Floral in Cork city.

Are there flowers that you don’t work with?

Yes. We avoid working with dyed, bleached or chemically processed flowers. We do not work with artificial/plastic flowers. We try to use flowers that are in season and have the least carbon footprint.

Do you use floral foam?

We do not use conventional floral foam (oasis). If foam is required we use AgraWool, which is a natural foam and is completely home compostable. We have spent 2 years learning alternative foam-free floral design techniques.

Do I need to book a consultation? And what should I bring?

Yes, all consultations need to be prebooked. Ideally you will bring a draft list of the items you need, any chosen colour samples, and any visual references of things you like.

Is there a consultation fee?

Your first consultation (in person or zoom) with us is free. Any further consultations (in person or zoom) are charged at an hourly rate of €40 per hour. You can email anytime at no cost.

I am abroad and can’t get to you for a consultation. What should I do?

We can have a consultation through Zoom. You can email anytime.

I am working with an event planner/stylist. Can I work with you through them?

Absolutely, yes.

How much should I spend on my wedding flowers?

Realistically, allocating 10% or more of your overall wedding budget is recommended. However, it really depends on how much flowers you personally would like for your wedding. Wedding flowers take a huge amount of time and skill to prepare. They are a perishable material and generally considered a luxury buy. We have set out a price guide for all the individual elements you might require. You can choose from them as many or as few items as you require and can budget for.

I am on a budget. Can you work with me?

All of our wedding clients are on a budget. Please let us know what yours is so that we can make suggestions to best suit it.

Do you have an order minimum?

During the Irish growing season we do not apply a minimum order value for local weddings within a 20km radius. This is from March 31st to September 30th.

Out of season weddings, January 1st to March 31st, and October 1st to November 30th have a minimum order value of €800 excluding delivery and set-up charges. To buy in flowers from Holland we have to fill a minimum order also.

During the premium off season month of December we have a minimum order value of €2000 excluding delivery and set-up charges. A wedding takes days to prepare, which means that we cannot accept general orders at this very busy time. The price of flowers from Holland also increases as demand soars.

Can I supply my own flowers and/or foliage for you to work with?

Unfortunately this is not something that we can accommodate. We will however add a flourish of a sentimental item from a family garden to a bouquet or buttonhole if required. This will in no way affect the items cost.

When do I need to book my date?

As soon as you have decided that we are the florist for you, you should book your date with us. We accept a limited amount of weddings each year, and generally, hold weekends exclusively to one wedding only.

How much is your booking deposit?

We ask for a non-refundable booking deposit of €100. This is applied against your final wedding flowers bill.

When do I pay the balance of the bill?

We request the balance to be paid in full 7 days before the wedding day.

How do I pay you?

We prefer payments by bank transfer, and we can email you these details should you need them. We can also accept payment through Revolut and in cash.

When will I need to make the final decision on my flowers?

We plan our gardens around your flower selection and colour palate, so ideally the sooner we know these details the better. You can make changes up to 6 weeks before your wedding day, after that the list is final.

When are my flowers put together?

We usually begin harvesting your flowers and foliage 3 to 4 days before the wedding day. If flowers are being bought in they usually arrive 2 to 4 days before the day. Large items in vessels are put together 1 to 2 days before the main day, often “greened up” first and flowers added later. Bouquets are made the day before the wedding. Buttonholes and hair flowers are always the last things to be put together. No matter how large or small your wedding, your flowers will take 3 to 4 days to prepare, plus months of thought and planning.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Depending on your location  a delivery fee applies. There is no charge for you to collect your own flowers.

Do you do weddings outside Co.Cork?

We prefer to stay within Co.Cork. The shorter the distance the flowers have to travel the more beautiful they will be and the lesser the overall carbon footprint of your wedding will be.

Can you move my flowers from my ceremony location and restyle them at my reception?

Yes. An out-of-studio fee for our time, delivery and setting up will apply.

Do you have items such as vases and lanterns to hire?

Yes. We have an inventory which is listed within our Wedding Flowers Info Pack (available by request).

Can I provide my own vases and accessories?

Yes. So long as they are suited to the flowers and the purpose this is not a problem.

Do you collect your items after the wedding or will I need to return them to you?

We have a take-down and collection service which is outlined within our Wedding Flowers Info Pack.

I have a question which is not listed above….

You can email us to ask