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Howe Hill Flowers is an artisan floral design studio and cutting garden located near The Old Head of Kinsale in Co.Cork. We specialise in natural and luxurious, romantic garden inspired floral design, which is led by seasonal ingredients, preferably Irish grown. Our team of expert floral designers will weave your love story together with hand selected blooms and boughs, bound with simple garden twine, naturally dyed silk and decadent velvet ribbons, held in place with pearl topped pins.


Sustainability is paramount in our offering - we apply as many eco friendly floristry practices and locally grown materials in your designs as we possibly can. When coveted ingredients cannot be sourced in our own farm gardens we first seek out other local flower growers, and finally internationally grown, certified Fair Trade flowers via our trusted Dutch wholesaler.

Howe Hill Flowers offers a bespoke wedding flowers service to couples who absolutely love flowers. We prefer to service weddings within Co.Cork only, but will consider traveling among Munster counties for the opportunity to flower special weddings. If you would like to see what we might offer you we would invite you to fill in the short form below and begin a wonderful flower journey.

Please note - we are fully booked for full service weddings up to late November 2022, and have very limited availability for the remainder of this year. 

We are accepting bookings for 2023.

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