Howe Hill Flower Farm

On the crest of a hill, behind a small deciduous woods near Kilbrittain, Co.Cork, you can find Howe Hill Flower Farm. Our farm is home to our family, some fluffy cats, 3 fluffier chickens, many guinea pigs (some fluffy too), and lots and lots of plants!


We've been growing things here all my life - my Dad used to farm the fields behind us while my Mum grew all our vegetables in the garden and polytunnels. A couple of years ago I took over the smaller of the polytunnels to grow Sweet Peas, Courgettes and Tomatoes. Then, in late 2017 a friend suggested I grow some edible flowers and herbs for her new café, I was fascinated that there may be an opening for such a wonderful product, and I was more than willing to give it a try - and so Howe Hill Flower Farm was born.

In 2018 the polytunnel became home to an array of beautiful, edible flowers and a selection of useful and tasty culinary herbs. We have a large outdoor garden which we used for more edible flowers, and wonderful, natural, cut flowers too. 

We have big plans for the future, 2019 saw a larger polytunnel on the farm, as well as the development of another two outdoor sections specifically for annual cut flowers, alongside a more developed perennial/shrub bed, plus three glorious rows of magnificent dahlia plants! 

Who Are We?

I'm Felicity, and with my team (family!) we run Howe Hill Flower Farm.

Our team comprises of a floral designer/flower farmer (me!), and photographer/landscaper (my husband Mike). Diane helps out with our flower crown workshops, and Claire & Tasha work with us on our weddings. We have two mini-helpers, G & A - G is great at taking photos of me in the garden, she is also responsible for all the baby sunflowers, and A is an enthusiastic "digger and planter" at just 4 years old, he is a dinger at popping seeds (one per cell) into the trays.

By supporting us you are supporting a local, enterprising family who absolutely adore everything to do with plants, nature and the environment. Thank you!

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Howe Hill Flower Farm, Howe Stran, Kilbrittain, Co.Cork