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Hi, I'm Flicky!

I am a floral designer based in West Cork, Ireland. I also am a flower grower, I grow lots and lots of flowers and foliage for use in my design studio throughout the year, but mostly during the Irish growing season which runs from late March through late September/early October. Here I am with a big bunch of homegrown flowers from my garden!

Flicky Howe from Howe Hill Flowers holding a large bouquet of homegrown Irish garden flowers

I absolutely live and breathe flowers, and am very lucky to be able to work from home (there's no place like home).

Flicky Howe selecting flowers to cut from her West Cork cutting garden

I grew up enveloped in gardens, plant nurseries and wild West Cork places filled with mesmerizing botanic beauty - so I definitely didn't lick my floral obsession off a stone!

giant white Fleurel dahlia flower on a dinnerplate with silver cutlery beside and homegrown vegetables on a seagrass placemat at Howe Hill Flower Farm in Ireland

I am looking forward to sharing more about my flowers with you, both here and in reality (am I your "florist near me"?)

Irish farmer florist Flicky Howe venturing into the cutting gardens at Howe Hill holding buckets of water, the old greenhouse and polytunnel in the background

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