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Our Wedding Flowers T's & C's

Our Wedding Flowers are much more than just a few bunches of flowers or arrangements; we are providing a high end service using a luxury product, completely bespoke to you and your day.

Please read our T's & C's fully prior to booking us for your day.

Howe Hill Wedding Flowers - Terms & Conditions

Defining Howe Hill Flowers

Howe Hill Flowers (referred to as "we" hereafter) provide designer wedding flowers to people who absolutely love flowers.

We are based at Howe Strand, Kilbrittain, Co.Cork and primarily work on weddings within an 80km radius of our studio.

Brochure Downloads

Our brochure and price guide are available to download directly from our website. In order to download this you must subscribe to our website by supplying us with your email address. You may subsequently receive our marketing updates and you can unsubscribe from our list at the end of all our marketing emails.

Date Enquiries

Once you have understood our service streams and offerings, you can, if you wish, make a date enquiry with us. This should be done directly through our website.

A date enquiry submission is neither a booking nor provisional booking. 

If we have availability for your date we will send you an email letting you know, and give you a link and access to our booking portal on our website.

Booking Form

You should fill the form to the best of your ability, and at the end pay the €100 booking fee. Until we receive the completed and signed form + booking fee the date is available for anyone else to book. We cannot reserve or provisionally hold dates.

Upon reviewing your form we will confirm your booking by email.

Booking Refusal

If we feel that we may not be the ideal florist for you and your requirements we will let you know by email and refund your booking fee. We will provide the contact details of a number of other florists to whom you may be better suited with. 


We generally do not give individual estimates until a booking has been made. Estimates are bespoke to each individual wedding and take time to produce. We have a budgeting calculator spreadsheet available to download from our website which can be found underneath the Weddings tab on the main menu as The Wedding Flowers Purse Calculator. The access code to the page is 5Ct4Y

General Communication

You must respond to all emails within the one email thread. The thread will begin with us confirming your booking and the subject line will be "Wedding Flowers - your day and date"

(eg. Wedding Flowers - Friday 10th May 2024)


By booking us you agree that we will be the only suppliers of flowers/flower arrangements for your wedding. This is to ensure that the floral styling throughout your wedding is cohesive, and also to ensure that our standard of work and our associated reputation is applied to your wedding flowers. 

DIY Weddings

We do not provide flowers for DIY events. Please refer to our Exclusivity paragraph above.


Consultation and planning is ongoing from the time of booking to the wedding day. This is done mostly through email and by phone, we may also invite you to a personal consultation at our studio if we feel this is needed. We may conduct site visits and on site consultations, but these are restricted to essential only needs on our part as they require a substantial portion of our time.


We provide Gathered clients with an estimate by email initially. The estimate is not final and is subject to change. We provide a quote for the required florals approximately 4 months before the wedding day. At this point we have a better idea and understanding of the current market price of flowers, hence providing a quote after the estimate.

We provide Spellbound clients with an estimate by email initially. The estimate is not final and is subject to change. We provide a full proposal document and quote for the required florals approximately 4 months before the wedding day. At this point we have a better idea and understanding of the current market price of flowers, hence providing a quote after the estimate.

All estimates and quotes are inclusive of VAT (13.5%).

We will always do our utmost best to quote as close to the estimate we initially provided, however, if the market value of ingredients, supplies, fuel or services increases, this may be reflected in your quote.

Adjusting Your Quoted Order

Once you have your quote you can adjust the items listed in it according to your needs and budget, but keeping within our order minimums.

There is no minimum order value on Gathered flowers between March 31st and September 30th.

The minimum order value on Gathered flowers during October, November and March is €800. No Gathered order can be decreased to under €800 for wedding dates during these times. The minimum order value on Gathered flowers in December is €1000. This allows for the general increased materials, overheads and labour costs during this busy period. 


Gathered is unavailable during the months of January and February.

The minimum order value on Spellbound flowers and service between March 31st and September 30th is €1700. Spellbound orders cannot be decreased to under €1700 during these periods.

The minimum order value on Spellbound flowers and service between October 1st and November 30th, and February 1st to March 31st  is €2000. Spellbound orders cannot be decreased to under €2000 during these periods.

The minimum order value on Spellbound service/flowers in December is €2500.

We do not offer Spellbound flowers/service in January.

All changes should be communicated by email as soon as possible, but no later than 28 days before your wedding date.


As we are working with a fresh, seasonal and perishable product there may be occasions where items are unavailable or may not be of good enough standard to include in your arrangements. Individual flowers varieties can at times have differing colour tones and size, it should be noted  that we are working with nature and cannot customize nature according to requirement. It may be necessary for us to change or substitute certain ingredients and this is entirely at our discretion. We will always stay within the agreed colour palate and design style.

We do not work with dyed or heavily chemically processed product.

We do not use conventional floral foam/oasis.

Logistics & Timelines

We will confirm all logistical details for your wedding day with you approximately two weeks before your wedding day. At this time we will outline to you the approximate time we will require to install various aspects of your wedding flowers, and this must be communicated to your venues by you.

Should there be any last minute logistical changes you must inform us immediately. If these changes are on our part we will inform you immediately.

Access To Venues

On the day of your wedding we will require access to your venues and suitable working conditions for our team to complete the work to install your flowers. Should we be denied access, be delayed by your venue or by other suppliers or individuals on the day, or, if we find that working conditions are unsuitable or dangerous we will do our utmost to complete our work to the best of our ability. If we cannot complete our work by no fault of our own we will leave the items at the venue and inform the venue manager/sacristan.

Delayed Access to Venues 

If your church has a multiple wedding per day policy we must be informed. We cannot gain access and install your order if people from an earlier wedding remain in the church or do not remove their decor. This instance must be planned months ahead of the wedding day. Should there be another wedding following yours you and your guests must vacate the church  to allow us to remove your order.


Should your church book a funeral or any other last minute event in before your wedding you must let us know immediately. Failure to inform us may result in us not being able to do or to complete our work. Should we need to employ an assistant(s) to try to ensure that we can install your order on time the cost of any last minute assistant(s) will be invoiced to you.  Last minute assistant day rate €250 + travel costs. If we cannot find an assistant(s) to help complete your install we will inform you and attempt to complete the work to the best of our ability. If we cannot complete the work it is by no fault of our own and we cannot accept any responsibility for this. You should communicate our policy with your church/venue.

Transfer & Restyle

We transfer and restyle from ceremony to venue if time allows it. Should turnaround time be tight or there be a large volume of items to move and restyle, we will require one or more assistants to complete the work. Assistants are invoiced at €250 + travel costs per person per day.

Our Property At Venues

All hire items and accessories such as vases and vessels provided by us in which to display your flowers are the property of Howe Hill Flowers and will be collected by us after the wedding day. You must inform your venues that these items are our property and it must be arranged by you with them that all our property is handled carefully and stored safely until we come to retrieve it. Any items which have been lost or damaged will be invoiced to you at full retail value.

Venue Policies

It is your responsibility to confirm your church or venue's policies regarding placement of flowers, arrangements, vessels containing water, and real flame candles. If upon installation we are informed by your church or venue that we cannot place an agreed arrangement, item or candles due to a church or venue's policies this is no fault of our own and we cannot accept any responsibility in these instances for being unable to complete our work.

Extreme Circumstances

Should there be any "act of God" type weather event, accident or occurence which prevents us from fulfilling your order we will communicate this with you and try to make alternative arrangements for you to the best of our ability. An example of this might be a snowstorm, hurricane etc. 

Flower Ownership

The ownership of all flowers and foliage provided as part of your order transfers to you upon installation at your venues. The flowers are yours to take or distribute as you wish, however, should the flowers remain in our vessels when we arrive come to retrieve them we will either remove them and leave in situ, or, if it has been arranged with us beforehand, take them and compost them. You must let us know by email your wishes prior to the wedding day.


Your final bill is issued a month before your wedding day, or, upon confirmed agreement of your quote. The payment of this bill is due 14 days before your wedding day. Your wedding booking may be cancelled if payment has not been made at this time.


Wedding postponements must be requested by email. We can transfer your booking to another date subject to our availability. We will confirm your new date, if we have it available, by email, at no extra charge. Your booking fee will be forfeited however if we do not have availability for your new date.


Cancelations must be made by email. All cancellations will forfeit the €100 booking fee. Cancellations made 6 months prior to the wedding date will incur a 25% cancellation fee, this is calculated from the initial estimate you will have received at the start of your booking process. Cancellations made between 4 months and 1 month of the wedding date will incur a 50% cancellation fee, this is calculated as 50% of your quotation total. Cancellations made within a month of the wedding must be paid in full. All cancellations will receive an invoice within 7 days of us receiving cancellation notice. Until we have received payment of that invoice your booking remains in place and further cancellation fees may be incurred.

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