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Irish Wedding Florist Survey Results 2024

Let's dive into the fascinating world of wedding floristry!

This post is for both wedding couples navigating their way around planning their big day and fellow wedding florists.

Most of us in the Irish wedding florist community are no strangers to that annual survey by a certain well-known Irish wedding platform (See Jiska's previous blog post). This platform bundles categories like flowers and decor together, making it feel a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

This year, the reported average spend on wedding flowers in Ireland reached a staggering €921. Cue the collective gasp from us florists who craft luxury experiences!

Why the concern? Well, it’s because of the following:

  • It gives the impression of a full floral package at this seemingly modest price.

  • It undervalues the painstaking work florists put into their craft.

  • It sets unrealistic budget expectations for couples in the midst of wedding planning.

After this revelation, Jiska & Flicky had a serious heart-to-heart. Turns out: This isn't a new issue; back in 2023, Flicky expressed disappointment to the platform about the unrealistic figures. The response? Less than stellar. Seemed like the survey was more about clickbait than actual helpful information.

Fast forward to this year – Jiska took the reins and reached out to them. Their initial response was a vague "we'll consider your points", but they've since hinted at a potential rewording of survey questions.

Taking matters into our own hands, we consulted the real experts – Irish wedding florists pouring their hearts into creating beautiful, fresh floral arrangements. The response was nothing short of amazing!



Isn't it fascinating? This info is pure gold for couples navigating the maze of wedding flower budgets and fellow Irish Wedding Florists.


Here's a nugget of wisdom for couples trying to figure out their budget:

• Ask a florist what they charge directly.

• Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. For example – bridal bouquet to bridal bouquet from 2 florists with similar style, flower choice etc.

• Don't get swayed by these online average prices – refer back to the first two bullet points!



While conducting this survey we've also delved into a critical aspect – SERVICE CHARGES.

We had a hunch that some florists among us might not include a service fee, and perhaps, some might not even be familiar with this charge.

Let's think about the following – unless we're charging for our invaluable service – handling, installing, dismantling, moving, reinstalling, post-wedding cleanup, and tending to all the vessels and mechanics – it's akin to working for free. Can we afford to work for free? Can we afford to hire someone else for these tasks, pay them, and not incorporate these costs into our billing?

Consider this analogy: we take our vehicle to the mechanic for a service, and the invoice breaks down the cost of parts (the flowers) and a labour charge (service fee). In essence, we are floral ‘mechanics’ or ‘technicians’. This is why the inclusion of a service charge is paramount.

Some wedding florists seamlessly integrate the service fee into our flower prices, often labelled as "hidden charges" in certain publications and blogs. In our view, pricing with transparency is not just acceptable; it's imperative. Couples deserve to know what a service charge entails and why it holds significance.


Our survey shows a few insights into service fees, which could prove enlightening:

• Those opting for an overall percentage indicated rates ranging from 10% to 30% of the total flowers cost.

• For those charging per staff, the fees ranged from €225 to €350 per staff member per day on the job.

• Some include VAT on top of their fees.


Now, if a couple hesitates or is unable to cover the service fee, consider offering them an alternative – they can collect their flowers from our premises, take them to their venues, and handle the installation. Howe Hill Flowers has begun offering couples the option to take charge of logistics themselves if they're not keen on the service fee. This has proven to be a great hit.

What are your thoughts on this? Share your comments below!

Flicky & Jiska

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What an insightful piece of research! Glad to see we are falling within the ‘norms’. Well done and thank you for sharing!


So interesting, well done Flicky and Jiska!!!

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