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Wedding Flowers 101 - Who Should Have Or Wear Flowers On The Big Day?


As a wedding florist, one of the first questions I am often asked during a consultation is "who in the bridal party gets flowers?" or "should I give my brothers/brother-in-law/sisters a buttonhole?"

Ben and Brige's Fernhill House Hotel wedding, image by Mercier Vintage Vehical Hire

You can decide to give as many or as few people as you choose flowers to hold or wear at your wedding. But here is what we usually advise - everyone in the main bridal party, plus parents of the bride and groom gets flowers to wear.

So that should cover

  • Bride's Bouquet

  • Groom's Boutonniere

  • Bridesmaids Bouquet's

  • Groomsmen's Bouttoniere's

  • Dad's Buttonholes

  • Mum's Buttonholes or Corsages

Sometimes if someone has an important role, such as the celebrant, or ushers, they might be included in the list too. But this is a personal choice, not obligatory!

I usually advise the following - anyone in the main bridal party, and possibly anyone who will feature in the majority of the wedding photos!

A box of fresh flower Bouttoniere's by Howe Hill Flowers

I hope this helps!

Flicky x

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